Friday, October 10, 2014


Hello Designers!

The semester is in full swing, and the Design Council is in planning mode with lots of fun events in the works! Currently we're working on the annual Design Council Bash, which will be on October 25th (so mark your calendars)! This year's theme is 'Bash Beneath the Blue', and it will be all sorts of nautical fun.
Another event in the works is Friday at the Pit this Friday October 17th. The next theme is Earth, a continuation of our elemental Fridays at the Pit. Come out to the Pit at 5:30 pm this Friday for some earth themed foods, drinks, and activities (there may or may not be some yoga happening...come to find out!).

You may be wondering what we've been up to since the semester began. We've had a very productive half a semester. Our first Friday at the Pit, which was Water themed, was a hit with snow cones and popsicles galore - not to mention a crazy snow ball fight in September.
The annual College of Design Free Expression Tunnel Painting was a success! The Freshman came out to help and got some Howling Cow ice cream as well.
 The First Year Mentor Program has also hosted many workshops to help the Freshman build up their design skills. The next workshop will be in the wood and metal shop and will be on October 19th.

Lots of great things are happening here at the College of Design, and the Design Council is your number one resource to keep you posted on all the fun things that are happening!

Until next time,

Emily Wise
Design Council Vice President